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Saving the Stones
Saving the Stones

Saving the Stones

Program Description

Saving the Stones is a  five month training internship in heritage conservation and historic preservation. The program is intended to give recent graduates and young professionals in the fields of archaeology, architecture, design, history, art, geography, and other related subjects, the opportunity to apply their skills and knowledge, hands-on in the field of conservation. The program includes three intensive months of foundational conservation and historic preservation studies, including theoretical and practical documentation and survey methods, and treatment planning through to application, as well as two months of advanced practicum, during which the knowledge acquired by the foundation unit is applied and thorough personal research is conducted through weekly specialized consultations.
Held at the campus of the Center in the inscribed UNESCO World Heritage Site of Old Acre, this training internship provides intimate access to the veritable living laboratory for the study and application of practical heritage conservation methods and skills. You'll participate in on-site practical training with ongoing national conservation projects, such as mortar and stone preservation at David’s Tomb and the Western Wall Tunnels, mosaic conservation at Caesarea, and historic building technologies in Acre. Initiated by the International Conservation Center – Città di Roma, in Old Acre, Israel, Saving the Stones is a joint project of MasaIsrael Journey, Israel Antiquities Authority, the Old Acre Development Company, and the Akko Municipality.




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