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Spend five months in Tel Aviv gaining media/technology skills and experiencing life in the capital of Israeli cool. Return home with a marketable background in photography, film, and graphic design. Whether you want to explore a new career path or learn for fun, Zoom Israel is about enriching yourself and finding inspiration in the Land of Milk and Honey.
You will have the opportunity to take courses in photography, film, and graphic design. Each skills course is taught by local professionals in training centers that service Israeli students as well. In addition to learning cutting edge media/technology, the Zoom Israel program includes a series of educational programs and tours in the Tel Aviv area and beyond. These enrichment experiences are scheduled throughout the program and are designed to expose you to contemporary Israeli society, the intricacies of Jewish history, and the stunning beauty of Israel's ecology on a deeper level than a typical tour.

For more information, please contact:

Yael Miriam
(p): 013 219 7850




All eligible Masa Israel participants can receive financial assistance toward the cost of their program.
These grants and scholarships can significantly reduce the cost of participating in a Masa Israel program. Prices listed here represent the full, unsubsidized program cost.