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Art-Tel Milhauz
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ART-TEL-Internet & New Media (Milhauz)

Program Description

The “NEW MEDIA and the world of programming” program will shed light on this constantly changing area and will offer an opportunity to master the skills of working in the informational environment, practically get acquainted with the world of programming. The main subject matter of the “NEW MEDIA and the world of programming” program is the World Wide Web as a new dimension, and also the role of a human in this dimension. The program also includes: an intensive course of Hebrew lasting for the whole program’s period, Jewish and Israeli history course, political science and journalism lectures, tours around Israel, volunteer work and entertaining meetings with the Israeli.
For whom:
- For those who are looking forward to get a profession in the field of new technology and media and is interested in expanding and deepening their idea of these fields.
- For those who aim for making professional contacts in the field of new media in Israel during the program’s period;
-For those, who want to quickly master the basics of Hebrew and actively interact with Israel and the Israeli.
Program features:
- Exploration of the most advanced and most quickly developing field running though all professional areas.
The educational process combines studying theory and philosophy of digital culture with the practical study of programming basics and existing programming languages and objectives
- An intensive course of Hebrew (350 hours, individual approach).
The program is conducted together with the “Tel Ran” company, which has been assisting the programmers in Israel to study and get employed for many years. Tel Ran’s course “The Basics of Programming” included in the Art-Tel program will be interesting for those who want not only be consumers of programs and applications but to touch the development process and adopt the role of the programs’ creator. The course introduces the languages of programming used today C/C++, Java, etc. They are used in all areas of new media and give the basis for orienting oneself in the world of developing new programs and applications. The program’s participants can continue to study in “Tel Ran” upon the program’s completion.


Live and studying in the economic and cultural centre of Israel. Constantly be in the middle of the action, easily and comfortably travel to any part of Israel, combine studying, working and recreation on a daily basis. Live in spacious, furnished, 3-4 room, fully applianced apartments will allow you to fully enjoy the experience of an independent life in Tel Aviv. High quality complete course of Hebrew that lasts through the whole program.
The cost of the program is $6500 (The basic cost of ART-TEL program is $6000, and the additional cost of new media track is $500.

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