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IDC - M.B.A. in Global Strategic Management (GMBA)


Program Description

This distinctive M.B.A. in Global Strategic Management at IDC Herzliya, run jointly with the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania, offers you the opportunity to acquire the tools and management techniques used by international management consulting firms and become a part of a multinational consulting team that works on a real-life project sponsored by a real client, either an Israeli or multinational company. This Global Consulting Practicum includes sponsored international travel and provides genuine global collaboration and practical experience.
You will have access to an extensive international network and work closely with the finest graduates of the world’s leading business schools.

For more information, contact:

North America
Lenore LaVine
Director of Recruitment & Marketing
(212) 213-5962
Israel & Abroad
David Topel
Admissions Coordinator- Masters Degrees

IDC - M.B.A. in Global Strategic Management (GMBA)-Global Management


Program Description

This rigorous program prepares students to meet the challenges of the modern business world by providing them with the theoretical and practical tools to conduct business in the global arena.
The foundation of the program is built on core business management principles, where the global perspective is incorporated into each discipline, whether marketing, finance, strategy, or decision analysis. In addition to examining the core management courses from an international framework, students will round out their studies with globally focused electives including a India or China module with a study trip. During the trip students will visit local and multinational companies in a variety of locations and industries.
The faculty consists of the best lecturers from the world’s leading business schools. They are involved in the business arenas of various countries, giving students access to their expertise in the global market, as well as to the Israeli business sectors strength in innovation, hi-tech and entrepreneurship.

IDC - M.B.A. in Global Strategic Management (GMBA)-Innovation and Entrepreneurship


Program Description

The IDC Arison School of Business, in partnership with the Sammy Ofer School of Communications’ Media Innovation Lab (miLAB), offers a pioneering Global MBA program in Innovation & Entrepreneurship that effectively addresses the rapid changes taking place in today’s industry. The interaction between people and digital devices is ubiquitous. In its emphasis on the human dynamic and its grasp of a world dominated by technology, the Innovation & Entrepreneurship track bridges the humanistic and the technological arenas, and helps students take their first steps in establishing new ventures. Students in this track will practice innovation and entrepreneurship first hand as they design and prototype new digital products and learn how to bring them to market.
The GMBA Innovation & Entrepreneurship track is highly interdisciplinary. Students work in teams reflecting their diverse skill sets and experiences in technology, design, media, psychology, business and science, and enabling them to deal with complex challenges from different angles - humanistic, technological and business related.

Hanoar Hatzioni - Israel Business Adventure

Program Description


Israel Way: Tel Aviv Internship Experience


Program Description

Spend five meaningful and fulfilling months in Israel's most vibrant business hub and expose yourself to an international career development experience. Don't just make coffee and copies! Pursue an internship in whatever field you choose and receive hands-on guidance and practical training while consistently working as a productive member of an Israeli team.
Internship opportunities are available in just about any field including business, finance, high-tech, communications, arts, non-profit and more. Oranim staff work closely with you to help you make the best of your Israel experience.

For more information, contact:

Canada: 1866-269-6889
International: +972-3-920-3999

Gvahim Young Leaders


Program Description

The Gvahim Young Leaders program offers its participants the opportunity to live a rewarding experience in the "Start-Up Nation." This program offers the participants a high-quality internship, an ulpan, professional mentoring, meetings with professional leaders, visits of leading universities, companies and incubators as well as a monthly stipend.
After being accepted though a written application process and a phone interview, you will be placed in a company in your sector for a 5-month internship.



Program Description

The only Russian-language program that offers two advantages: learning-based institution of higher education and training in an Israeli company. Participants in the program makes it possible to feel and understand the real life of Israel, living in one of the central cities of the country, studying in the Israeli academic establishment, self-management of everyday life, training in the Israeli company, meeting with peers, colleagues and peers from the CIS and from Israel, tours, volunteering, visiting cultural events, support from the organizational structure of the program.
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