Kaela Frank's speech at the Prime Minister's residence

<div class="masa-blog-title">Kaela Frank's speech at the Prime Minister's residence</div>

Below is the text of Kaela Frank's speech delivered at Prime Minister Edud Olmert's residence, October 9, 2006. 
Good afternoon Prime Minister Olmert and esteemed guests. My name is Kaela Frank and I am honored to be here today representing the 437 chanichim from North America, England, Scotland and Puerto Rico that are currently on Hadassah’s Young Judaea and FZY Year Course, one of Masa’s largest programs.

An Interview with Masa participant Sergei Chashkin

Candid Shot: New take on an adopting family

<div class="masa-blog-title">Candid Shot: New take on an adopting family</div>

Pictured: Brian Goldfarb and his adoptive parents at the Masa Gala, May 2006
Many Masa-affiliated programs include relationships between adopting Israeli families and young people from abroad spending an extended period of time on a program in Israel.

Discoveries in Israel on OTZMA

<div class="masa-blog-title">Discoveries in Israel on OTZMA</div>

By Roni Ben David, OTZMA
Before I left I didn't expect to be riding a bus in Israel.  But just last week I found myself climbing aboard bus #6 and handing my four shekels to the bus driver, who was exchanging cheerful greetings with the school girls behind me.